Тошиба 40 tl 963 rb инструкция

Because alignment is so important, because Easy Writer cannot handle it automatically, and because almost every- one needs to build a table or chart which must not be re-aligned. These hyphens are stpred with bit 7 set so that they can later be recognized and deleted if you want to change the print width. There are also commands for setting and clearing tabs, inserting blank lines, and returning to the Subsystem Menu. The «glue» command (control-G) DEPRESS CONTROL KEY FOR ALL COMMANDS Figure 1. Magic Window editing commands. A large colored chart of these commands is supplied with the system. For instance, if you type a line which has no spaces in it (say you want to underUne a long title with dashes, for example), when you reach the 65th character the line will just disappear.

Obviously most users will use only one file device. Author Stephen Rogowski of SU NY-Albany has included several problems which have never been solved. He feels that some research and an attempt to solve these will sharpen students’ insight and awareness. This subsystem allows you to load and save two types of disk files (formatted and unformatted), to delete files, look at the directory for the current disk, change drive and slot numbers, and clear the memory for new text. Only $39.95 MUSE SOFTWARE™ 347 N. Charles Street- Baltimore, Maryland 21 201 -(301) 659-7212 The Leader In Quality Saf tuiare A r mi •OD’ mc rCDt fflDi rODn vOD* rOD* tODi rflD» rCTi rOCn wCD% «imn tf ttt SUPER NOVA-::- Large and threatening asteroids and meteors are floating everywhere. And have you noticed that if you end a paragraph by hitting Enter, just after the last word has wrapped around, the cursor returns to the beginning of the same line rather than the next? From this standpoint, Magic Window, written by Gary Shannon with revision and documentation by Bill Depew, may be the best word processing system available for the standard 40-column Apple II computer.

There are three print commands in Scripsit. «P» will send output to the line printer, in completely Centronics (i.e. Radio Shack) compatible form. «P,S» will send the output to the RS-232 port on the expansion interface. Fantastic for semiautomated form letters, and for those of us who always spell a common word the same wrong way, or for changing «Lessee» to «Tenant» all the way through a form lease. Scripsit allows more flexible page titling than Pencil. In Pencil, you may use one line (less ten spaces for the page number) for a title which will appear at the top of each page, followed by the page number at the top right corner. With Scripmod you have to figure out which functions are represented by what letters. It’s a learning process and the authors encourage you to experiment.

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