Стиральная машина indesit wills 103 инструкция

Tap on the float cover to un-stick the float. Многие считают данную деталь незначительной и необходимой лишь для сохранения конструкции. Но ребро барабана стиральной машины крайне важно, ведь оно повышает качество и скорость стирки. Bleach must be released into the machine during cold wash cycles and must thus be added into a specific compartment. Figure 6-C: Timer Motor Circuit 6-3 TESTING COMPONENTS Most components are tested simply by removing power and placing a resistance meter across them.

Figure 6-D: Typical Selector Switchblock Using the diagram and chart in figure 6-D, lets say we want to test switch «A.» We see that with button number 1 pressed, only switches «A» and «D» inside the switchblock are closed. Touch the resistance meter test leads to terminals T and W-V. Make sure the timer is in the «on» position and slowly turn the timer all the way through a full cycle. Test for continuity as described in section 2-5(b). No continuity indicates a break in the winding. Many of these machines used a solenoid to open the detergent dispenser, but some used a bimetal. On those that used a bimetal, the bimetal is wired in series with the drive motor, and the opening of the detergent dispenser depends on how much current the motor is using.

Following the gray line in figure 6-C, the timer is fed through three different circuits. Heating water can use a lot of energy, so designers are mimimizing water usage and heater operation. Read & download instructions & manuals for your Indesit Washing Machines product, to help you install or troubleshoot any problems. These are places where you can disconnect the wire from the component for testing purposes.

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