Steel mate 898 инструкция

steel mate 898 инструкция
The manuals for the gun are in the ordnance section below. Grantwood, N. J., September, 1917. ▼ffi CONTENTS PART I ALUMINUM Wilfred W. Scott, M. A. Research Chemistf General Chemiril Company. The procedure is given for further treatment of the sample following the section on preparation of the sample. v Nitric Add.

This titration shows whether the product is basic or acid. BoBic Alumina. The solution is diluted with distilled water and filtered if any residue remains. Separation of Antimony (together with Arsenic and Tin), from Mer- cury, Copper, Bismuth, Cadmium and Lead. These conditions must be adhered to for reliable results.

These are used for used for signaling, marking, or illuminating objects. Hydrochloric acid is used in place of sulphuiic acid in cases where complete solution by the latter acid cannot be efTcrted. Fifteen to twenty-five minutes is generally suflScient to dissolve the sulphide and expel SO2, etc.

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