Принтер drystar 5300 инструкция

принтер drystar 5300 инструкция
Также вам всегда помогут консультанты отделов продаж и сервиса. Впервые в столь малом принтере реализована печать снимков с разрешающей способностью 508 пикселей на дюйм, что позволяет использовать один принтер для всех приложений, включая маммографию. All imagers below produce a high quality image intedned for use by a radiologist or other appropriately trained medical professional.

The CR is scalable and has a sleek footprint that is easy to t virtually anywhere. Using dry imaging camera, multiformat images of digital modalities in radiology are created from a sealed unit of unexposed films. AbstractDry imaging cameras are important hard copy devices in radiology. Broadly, hard copy devices are classified as laser and non laser based technology. Medical Imagers or Film Printers are used for the printing of medial diagnostic images, such images from x-ray and mammography system. Products > Medical imaging > AGFA Healthcare Characteristics Type of support: standard radiography film Description Afga has released a new product that allows for hardcopy imaging. DRYSTAR 5302 is a multi-format direct digital imager that offers stunning image quality and crisp, sharp images.

Медицинский принтер Agfa Drystar AxysВыдающийся медицинский термографический принтер DRYSTAR AXYS — это печать снимков высочайшего качества и минимум места для установки. Furthermore, the device is capable of producing two media sizes online. However, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to provide suggestions during this process. The easy-to-use tabletop CR can produce 56 plates per hour while offering crisp image quality.

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