Инструкция на русском языке samsung digimax 301

инструкция на русском языке samsung digimax 301
Page 58 Info ( ) / Up button When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, the Up button operates as a direction button. Images will be taken continuously until the Shutter Continuous button is released. Lightly press the shutter button to confi rm focus and fl ash battery charge. Page 69: Size Playback ( DPOF DPOF(Digital Print Order Format) allows you to embed printing information on your memory card’s MISC folder. Samsung takes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from camera malfunction. Create, edit, delete and list wikis. At their core, wikis are free form blocks of wiki text that are rendered into HTML and displayed to the user.

Page 26: Unclear Image And Possibly Causing Camera Malfunction ZOOM W/T button WIDE Zoom Optical zoom WIDE : Pressing the ZOOM W button. Руководство по эксплуатации также содержит правила по уходу и способы самостоятельного устранения некоторых неполадок техники Samsung. На сайте не нашлось нужного руководства пользователя. You can get these deals for free by subscribing to our newsletters. The [Found New Hardware Wizard] will open and the computer will recognise the camera. If your OS is Windows XP/ Vista, an image viewer program will open. Once the playback of the rotated picture is fi nished, it will switch back to the original state. 1. Press the Play mode button and press the E button.

You can use the setup menu in all camera modes, except Voice recording mode. Page 45: Scene Mode Recording ( Pausing while recording a voice Using this function, you can record your favourite voice clips into a voice recording fi le without having to create multiple voice recording fi les. 1. Press the Pause button ( ) to pause recording. Что делать, если к технике Sumsung не прилагается руководство пользователя? С помощью нашего сайта вы можете избежать неправильной эксплуатации товара. And then press the Right button. 2. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the UP / DOWN button and press the OK button. [Select] : Selection window for an image to delete is displayed. However, values for DATE / TIME, LANGUAGE, and VIDEO OUT will not be changed. — Sub menus [No] : Settings will not be restored to their defaults.

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