Инструкция кондиционер daikin ft25dvm

инструкция кондиционер daikin ft25dvm
Turn off the power supply and rotate the fan by hand. Please call Daikin Call Centre at 6311 8686 for more details.Under what conditions will the warranty end?The warranty will end when: a) The equipment is relocated to another premise.b) The equipment is exported out of Singapore.Under what conditions will the warranty be void? Caution Turn off the power and turn it on again to start the system. Frost Foreign matter Defective limit switch (including improper connection) Defective damper motor Troubleshooting Be sure to turn off the power switch before connecting or disconnecting connectors, or parts may be damaged.

Инструкции к пультам DAIKIN проводной пульт к кондиционеру DAIKIN Как и у всех других производителей, у DAIKIN есть инструкции по эксплуатации ко всем сериям и моделям кондиционеров. Check No.16 Refer to P.244 NO Reconnect the connector properly. YES Rotate the fan by hand after removing it. Not exclusive circuit The supply voltage is not within rated voltage ±10%. The size of connecting wire is thin.

Мульти сплит-системы со свободной компоновкой внутреннних блоков (7, 9, 12)General Fujitsu. Indoor electronic expansion valve abnormality The indoor electronic expansion valve is required to be fully closed during cooling, dry or heating operation. Error repeats? NO YES Go to B on the next page. Daikin Products Events & Promotions products Events & Promotions DaikinEverywhere with You. Wall Mounted Type Wall mounted type models have a display on the lower right side.

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